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Measures coronavirus

The management of both Jetmail B.V. and Jetsign B.V. have been very busy to guarantee continuity of your orders. All protocols of our business continuity certification (ISO22301) have been put in motion.

As from March 16, 2020 we maintain the following procedures:

  • Team 1 works from 07.00 hrs thru 14.45 hrs
  • Team 2 works from 15.00 hrs thru 22.00 hrs
  • Team 3 works from home

There is no physical contact between the above mentioned groups

All our employees can be reached via our general telephone numbers:

  • Jetmail B.V. +31 (0)252 535 900
  • Jetsign B.V.  +31 (0)252 535 909

Some of our staff members can be reached on their mobile numbers that are know by you

Our staff members do not visit clients or suppliers

All visits of clients or suppliers to our offices will be postponed untill further notice, will be dealt with by telephone conversation or other digital ways of communication.

Exception to the above are visits from clients or suppliers that have impact to the continuity of work in progress or repairs and maintenance of our machinery. In these cases you are very welcome at Jetmail B.V. of Jetsign B.V. taking into account the guidelines that have been drafted by the “RIVM” (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu/National Institute for Public Health & Environment)

Looking at all measures mentioned above we expect no problems with respect to continuity and commitments that have been made.

All above will be in force until further notice

For the upcoming weeks we wish you lots of strength and health, we do sincerely hope that we all have taken enough measures to quickly leave this crisis behind us.